Year 2 Maths Learning Intentions and I can statements


Make learning visible with the use of this pack of Year Two learning intention and I can Mathematics statements. 
Make learning visible with the use of this Year Two Mathematics learning intention and I can statements resource. This pack will help students to know what they are learning and how they are going to be successful. Giving them a guide on what criteria they need to meet in order to be successful is a important step in their learning. 
This resource includes:
12 Number learning intentions
12 Number ‘I can’ statements
10 Measurement and Geometry learning intentions
10 Measurement and Geometry ‘I can’ statements
6 Statistics and Probability learning intentions
6 Statistics and Probability ‘I can’ statements
6 templates for you to fill with your own text/intentions
3 display posters (different wording on each)
‘I am learning to’ and I can’ statement cards contain the same content. Content is based on the Australian Curriculum (version 8) achievement standards. Each strand has a different neon rainbow border for easy identification.
**This resource does not contain any success criteria cards - there is a space left on each poster for you to write either by yourself or with your class.**
Please check you printer settings and select 'scale to page' before printing.
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