Multiplicative strategies


Multiplicative strategies describes how a student becomes increasingly able to use multiplicative strategies in computation. It discusses multiplication and division and how they connect with each other. Make learning visible in your classroom with this Australian Curriculum aligned 'bump it up wall' pack.

Multiplicative strategies are used in the sub-elements Operating with decimals, Operating with percentages and Interpreting fractions (coming soon).

Through the use of this resource students become aware of their next learning step. They are able to refer to the posters or student achievement record to see their next move and set goals. Easy to use and caters for all year levels.

Included in this resource:

3 colour display posters. Each poster contains one to three levels of multiplicative strategies information. This has been done to save both wall space and paper consumption. There are total of 8 multiplicative strategy levels in this progression. Posters have relevant information for the student to obtain each level. Wording is written in terms that students will become familiar with the more they use the resource and could be pre-taught. Each checklist in the level begins with "I am learning to".

A teacher record book. All levels are set out in an easy to read table to allow teachers to mark off where students are at. Each level checklist has space for 10 student names). A corresponding page is also included with space for a further 25 students. It is intended that these will be bound in a format with checklist on the right and students on the left. All levels are included. 3 different covers are included for this book: full colour, low colour and black/white version.

A student achievement record. It is intended for these pages to be printed as a booklet to allow students easy access to the skills throughout the year or during assessment times. I have included a skill checklist and a space to write how students will aim to achieve this skill. The 'achieved' column can be used to tick or date as needed. This booklet could be used during interviews, kept in portfolios for the year and passed on to the teacher for the student’s next year of schooling.


Please ensure you look at the preview to know what you are purchasing. All pages are copyrighted and may only be used by the person purchasing. Please contact me for whole school use of this resource.


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