Contraction mazes


A fun activity to consolidate learning and engage reluctant learners!

A fun contraction activity that your students can use to consolidate learning and practice fine motor skills! Students get confused with the use of apostrophes in contractions and these activity pages help remind them identify there are letters missing and a contraction is really several words put together. Students must select the correct words that match the ‘clue’ then follow the maze to see if they are correct. Several have two correct answers but students must ensure they comprehend the text as well.

This resource contains:

  • 2 activity pages, each maze has five sentences with a contraction in them that the students use to solve the maze
  • 2 answer pages for self marking

How do students use this resource:

  • Read the sentence. Match the contraction with the two choices provided and complete the maze. Self correcting as there is only one correct answer per sentence. Can use answer sheet provided if needed.

How can I use this resource:

  • Post assessment piece after teaching about these concepts
  • Leave for a relief teacher
  • Homework activity
  • English rotation activity

This resource is recommended for Year 2 to Year 5


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