2D shape word problems


Read the clues and draw the answer in this fun interactive problem solving activity.

Students use their knowledge of two dimensional shape and geometric terms to solve the worded problems in this fun flip flap activity. Questions are in words and students draw the 2D shape answer. Written and picture instructions are provided to create the flap - makes a great hands on interactive activity or assessment. Read the clues and draw the answer!

Pages include a learning intention and relevant vocabulary.

This resource contains three different tasks.

* Task one and two each contains four sets of clues (each different), learning intentions and a list of vocabulary they are required to understand. The vocabulary differs on both tasks exposing them to a range of terms over a period of lessons/activities. An answer page is included for both tasks.

* Task three is where students can write their own clues, and then give to a friend to complete. You could make these copies smaller for students to be able to complete several of. There is no answer sheet.

Instructions on how to create the 'flaps' is included.

This resource is aimed at students in Years 4,5 and 6 but is up to teacher discretion.


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